Strawbale Studio in Wrington


Press release in 2013 by Phil Neve


This year’s North Somerset Arts Week, 3rd to the 12th of May, 2013, will see a new, exciting venue opening its doors in Wrington, “The Strawbale Studio”.


Sandie Hargreaves, Barbara Burden and Debbie Lamb will be exhibiting their eclectic mix of Art which includes Mixed Media, Stone Carving, Sculpture and Ceramics.


The Strawbale Studio was built to create a workspace for local artist, Sandie Hargreaves, where she can work on her art using a wide range of materials including collage, wire and paint etc.


Phil Neve of AABEN, who designed The Studio. has been working in low energy and sustainable building for several years.


It was built by Sandie, her friends Lenny McGrath, Barbara Burden, Phil Neve and a number of other hardworking volunteers. It is built of a mixture of new and recycled materials demonstrating a number of low cost and low impact methods and ideas.

The “frame and fill” method was used, which uses 6 timber “Portal” frames insulated and strengthened with straw bales. The bales give both strength to the structure and provide high levels of insulation. On the outside the studio is clad with untreated cedar boards which are naturally rot proof.The main floor, doors and windows are all recycled from other buildings, at one end is a window made from re-used bottles set in lime mortar and at the other end are double doors, donated by a neighbour that opens out into the garden.


Straw bale buildings have been constructed in various parts of the world for well over 100 years. Along with other natural and highly sustainable methods, straw bale building is now gaining much greater popularity and understanding in the UK and there are now a number of homes, schools, offices and workplaces built using these techniques.

Phil Neve - Passivhaus, Low Energy and Natural Building specialists

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