Avian Landscapes


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My fascination with birds has been with me from a very early age having been brought up by the sea in Weymouth, Dorset. I became aware of the ebb and flow of the eye watering distances covered in their migration; avoiding predation; procreating and surviving often against all odds. 

Birds live amongst us in rhythm with the seasons; we know them from their dawn chorus, to their nest building and mating in the spring and the raising of their young.

They fully inhabit the landscape in which we live in, even when these landscapes have been reduced through human intervention. However, many birds have adapted their behaviour in order to survive, such as living in cities where high-rise buildings take the place of cliffs tops!

My inspiration for Avian Landscapes comes from my love of water and wetland areas such as the Somerset Levels, which is on my doorstep, and Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust and the sea and river estuaries around Dorset and Devon where I have my roots. You are likely to find a bird somewhere in my pictures going about their business - but you may need to look closely - as you often need to in nature.

I have adopted and developed the techniques that I learnt on an inspiring workshop run by Simon Sonsino, a calligrapher and textual artist who specialises in abstract expressionism.

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Hunting Heron

Mixed Media on archival standard watercolour paper. Mounted and framed - 30 x 30cm. Original available. Also available as cards and Giclee prints. Click on 'go to link' below to contact Sandie

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